Monday, July 18, 2011

Christmas in July and leaving on a big airliner

sorry it has been so long, I have been going  crazy crafting for my etsy shop and trying to pack for a month long visit to Washington state to see my family.  Some of the stuff I am working on are the domino pendents, cards and earrings.  I became a member of Outlaw Womens Emporium Scrapbook also and what a fun place to be if you love to do alterted tags, ATC's,  cards, scrapbook or any kind of mixed media, the ladies are super sweet and fun and the challenges are excellent.  This past Friday the 15th we had Christmas in July and what fun that was.  Follow the link on the left back to see what everyone did and while you are there consider becoming a  definatly has its privleges.
So as already mentioned I am flying out tomorow the 19th from Boston and will have a long awaited reunion with my sister and brother and neices, nephews, cousins and old friends galore.  Can you tell I am excited about this.  I will try to post while I am out there and will take lots of pictures of the area to share with everyone.  So for now I am running again to do last minute stuff, enjoy your day, if your where its hot stay cool and be blessed
hugs to everyone from Jen

owseevents: Photos: BADGE for OWSE: Thumbnails

owseevents: Photos: BADGE for OWSE: Thumbnails

Monday, July 4, 2011

I Did It Creations--Digi Stamps, Challenges, Wholesale Club

I Did It Creations--Digi Stamps, Challenges, Wholesale Club
 this is the newest must have shopping site for me. If you want to join follow the above link and join their Yahoo group, yo can then start shopping and greatly reduced prices for all mixed media items.  The ladies here, Robyn, Sharon, Jeanette and now Cindi are the best and their Yahoo site is full of tutorials and all kinds of neat challenges.  Enjoy

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Handmade by Oldtimelovelies on Etsy

Handmade by Oldtimelovelies on Etsy  I did it , prehaps a roundabout way but I finally have a link to my blog and I just want to annouce a sale of 15% off till next Sunday July10th on everything in my shop.  Also if you recomend a friend, they will get 10% off their first purchase and you will get a 10% thank you discount once they have ordered. 
So before this day gets away and its too late I want to wish everyone a wonderfully 4thof July birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA. Hope everyone is going to do something, wiether it be relaxing, marching in a parade, or serving from overseas. We really are so fortunate in this country and have been blessed beyond belief.
Its still busy here, I just joined two new Yahoo groups, one is All Things Tim, which features all things Tim Holz and what a fun group this is, with monthly challenges, information tutorial helps nd just plain friendly folk. the other group is Outlaw Womens Emporium Store, think I have that spelled right. They have a store and you must join the group to belong, but no worry its free and the prices are really awsome, almost like a co op. I will try to link to both of them for you in case anyone is interested.
So for now stay well be happy and enjoy the moment

Monday, June 27, 2011

Life catches up

Well this post was suppose to happen on Saturday the 25th, but life had other plans for me.  I like thousands of others take a water pill, and since I had problems two years ago with potassium depletion I thought my Dr had changed me to a potassium sparing one...Ii thought wrong, almost dead wrong.  OK I didn't die so maybe that is a slight over reaction, but only slight.  My heart rate dropped, and started skipping beats and other fun things occurred.  This was on Friday and when I went to the Dr's office they rushed me by rescue (cringe hide) from the office to the hospital insisting I was having a heart attack or maybe a stroke.  Long story short I was once again depleted of potassium and got to have a refill courtesy of the hospital.  So for those of you out there who are taking diuretics make sure you are either on a potassium sparring pill or have been prescribed potassium pills and make sure the Dr checks your potassium levels on a regular basis.
OK now for some fun stuff, if you noticed the button with butterfly please click on it my link will get you there it just says its broken and join in the fun if you wish.  The goal of the Butterfly Effect is to make a memorial of butterflies to represent lives lost in the Holocaust.  What a strong and sure message to send the world that we have not forgotten all the lives that were lost or what happens when we let hate and bigotry win.

It has been busy at my Etsy site, but I still have not figured how to link it to my blog, so again I will say it is called oldtimelovelies and it is starting to grow, so fun and encouraging  I will try to do a tutorial on how we make the sachets, but just be advised I am so bad at taking before , during and after pics so this might take a while. I did remember to go out and take pictures of my Lillis before the rain got them and here they are along with my roses.  I try to get these under the paragraph but I guess the blogger has other ideas anyway enjoy

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Growing Pains

Hello everyone, it is so good to be here again and I think I am finally getting a handle on this blogging business.  Karen from the Graphic Fairy makes it so easy to add new backgrounds and headers,she takes you by the hand and walks you through the changes step by step and so my blog has a new look to it that I like.  Of course I will be experimenting with backgrounds, headers,layout in the weeks to come as I learn how to do more stuff to my blog
I believe that is a good attitude for our craft site on Etsy as well,and the three of us are learning to step out in faith and learn new skills everyday. Suzanne for instance is learning how to add cording to pillows, how to gauge the correct ribbon or lace border and how to sew it on without the ribbon looking like it was attacked by a wild animal, and she manges to keep us all in stitches (pun intended) while she does it. She is also learning to do one thing at a time, without becoming fractured and losing her way.  Izzy is learning to let go of some of the demands others try to put on her and to enjoy the time spent working on our crafting business.  She has learned that working with her hands and creating something beautiful invigorates her allowing her to go back to the care taking business for the elderly she runs, renewed and refreshed.  Me I am learning how to use my time wisely,how to see the beauty in front of me right this minute, and how to have faith in my creativity.  I feel as though I have finally been released from some self appointed guilt, that it is ok to love my work and the process of going from an idea to a finished product. It makes me content, which makes me so much easier to live with, and fills my life up so that depression no longer has a seat at my table.  We are all three learning to relax and create, to allow ourselves to stretch and grow and that is the best creation of all.
And that is what we wish for all of you, that you might learn how to slow down, and hear what your mind is trying to tell you, that you will take that leap of faith and find out what it is you wish to create and that you will learn to be content in that creation.  So for now we leave you as always saying may God bless you with sunshine and joy

Thursday, June 16, 2011

pictures added

ok as promised here are the pictures of the sachets, we made this past week.  I have many different images but for now i will show just a couple of items.  This first sachet is a graphic from the Graphic Fairy who is the most awesome lady.  the design features a french label, and is embellished with pearls,flowers and a ribbon to hang it with.
the last picture is one of our pillows.  So enjoy, if you would like more info leave me a comment and as always may God bless you with sunshine and joy
hugs Jen

A New Day

Hello everyone, I apologize for being slow to post again, something I am determined to avoid,but life just keeps getting in the way.  Ok nuff said on that lets get to some good stuff.  It is just beautiful outside today and since my computer faces a window I can look up and see my flower garden when I need a break.  It is a new layout this year as I went through it last fall and removed the outgrown stuff, got rid of the veggie portion and added lots of new stuff.  One of the things I put in was 200 bulbs, daffodil,tulip,hyacinth, alum etc, it was backbreaking, hot, sweaty work and I kept myself going by saying I wouldn't be hurting in the spring.  Well spring arrived , finally, and my garden was loaded with all kinds of lovely blooms and I was thrilled to say the least.  I've posted a couple of pictures here (sorry for the poor quality), the little blue sign is a repurposed road sign that says Route Paris, and the fence behind if you can see it is a rusted iron fence section that just begged to go in the garden.  On another note I want to show you what we are crafting.  You can find these at my Etsy shop Oldtimelovelies, which if some one would be so kind as to tell me how I will link to here......anyway the pictures..we have made lavender sachet's that have a graphic printed right into the material, they are filled with #1 grade lavender buds, sewn up and have bits of prettys added to them.  The second item we are working on are pillows with the same idea as the sachets old lace ribbon rhinestones ect.
Well I am off again to work on cards and gift tags we will carry so until next time, may God bless you with sunshine and joy
hugs Jen

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Evening

Ok its late here for me, but I think I have my blog set up and so I wanted to do my first post and say hello to everyone out there. Hopefully in the next few months my blog will have pictures of all the fun things my two partners and I have been making
for our Etsy Shop, which is called Oldtimelovelies. We make all sorts of fun items from ideas we have found on the web, maybe even from a tutorial you posted. it has been so much fun looking at everyone else posts, for instance the Graphics Fairy, whose clip art I use a lot. Go find her on the web but be warned she has an addictive site, or Miss Mustard Seed whose wonderful items quite often find a home with me, shus don't tell my hubby. Anyway I hope to have some fun and interesting posts and even better I hope to link other sites to my blog, whose listing are just so exciting and sometimes even breathtaking. If you have info to share with me or want to help point me in the right direction to make this post grow please let me know. thanks so much and have a great evening.