Monday, June 27, 2011

Life catches up

Well this post was suppose to happen on Saturday the 25th, but life had other plans for me.  I like thousands of others take a water pill, and since I had problems two years ago with potassium depletion I thought my Dr had changed me to a potassium sparing one...Ii thought wrong, almost dead wrong.  OK I didn't die so maybe that is a slight over reaction, but only slight.  My heart rate dropped, and started skipping beats and other fun things occurred.  This was on Friday and when I went to the Dr's office they rushed me by rescue (cringe hide) from the office to the hospital insisting I was having a heart attack or maybe a stroke.  Long story short I was once again depleted of potassium and got to have a refill courtesy of the hospital.  So for those of you out there who are taking diuretics make sure you are either on a potassium sparring pill or have been prescribed potassium pills and make sure the Dr checks your potassium levels on a regular basis.
OK now for some fun stuff, if you noticed the button with butterfly please click on it my link will get you there it just says its broken and join in the fun if you wish.  The goal of the Butterfly Effect is to make a memorial of butterflies to represent lives lost in the Holocaust.  What a strong and sure message to send the world that we have not forgotten all the lives that were lost or what happens when we let hate and bigotry win.

It has been busy at my Etsy site, but I still have not figured how to link it to my blog, so again I will say it is called oldtimelovelies and it is starting to grow, so fun and encouraging  I will try to do a tutorial on how we make the sachets, but just be advised I am so bad at taking before , during and after pics so this might take a while. I did remember to go out and take pictures of my Lillis before the rain got them and here they are along with my roses.  I try to get these under the paragraph but I guess the blogger has other ideas anyway enjoy

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