Thursday, June 16, 2011

A New Day

Hello everyone, I apologize for being slow to post again, something I am determined to avoid,but life just keeps getting in the way.  Ok nuff said on that lets get to some good stuff.  It is just beautiful outside today and since my computer faces a window I can look up and see my flower garden when I need a break.  It is a new layout this year as I went through it last fall and removed the outgrown stuff, got rid of the veggie portion and added lots of new stuff.  One of the things I put in was 200 bulbs, daffodil,tulip,hyacinth, alum etc, it was backbreaking, hot, sweaty work and I kept myself going by saying I wouldn't be hurting in the spring.  Well spring arrived , finally, and my garden was loaded with all kinds of lovely blooms and I was thrilled to say the least.  I've posted a couple of pictures here (sorry for the poor quality), the little blue sign is a repurposed road sign that says Route Paris, and the fence behind if you can see it is a rusted iron fence section that just begged to go in the garden.  On another note I want to show you what we are crafting.  You can find these at my Etsy shop Oldtimelovelies, which if some one would be so kind as to tell me how I will link to here......anyway the pictures..we have made lavender sachet's that have a graphic printed right into the material, they are filled with #1 grade lavender buds, sewn up and have bits of prettys added to them.  The second item we are working on are pillows with the same idea as the sachets old lace ribbon rhinestones ect.
Well I am off again to work on cards and gift tags we will carry so until next time, may God bless you with sunshine and joy
hugs Jen

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